FREE Virtual Event - Register Now!! Life is Art - Conscious Creativity Summit

Dear Creative Friends,

We have had quite a challenging year! Are you finding it challenging to find your calm to focus and create?

If this is you, I have some wisdom to share that will provide you with stability and help you find your calm center in the eye of the storm. You can create the life of your dreams and live your purpose.

Here’s how:

Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit; harness your power, unleash your creativity and embody your dream life.

I am a part of this timely offering by Visionary artist and Spiritual Creativity Guide, Deborah Epstein, LMT.  She has organized this FREE event. Join me along with 21+ experts speaking on the subjects of healing with creativity, spirituality, creative sovereignty, abundance and so much more.

In addition, each speaker will share with you their unique gifts and practices that are sure to get you focused and super charge your creativity.

You will be a part of an experience led by a group of spiritual entrepreneurs who are, themselves, influential artists, healers, authors and motivators - all who bring a unique view on the topics of creativity, imagination, art and healing, spirituality, and finding your purpose and living it- courageously and unapologetically!

Register HERE to sign up for this FREE odyssey to unleash your creative self and birthright as a powerful creator!

Yours in Creative Dreaming,


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