Expressive Wellness Creative Practices Virtual Series begins this Sunday evening, May 31st! 6:30 - 8

*Certificates with 10 contact hours will be awarded

For more information & to register click here

Our plans have been suddenly interrupted. During this time of change we can come together with our similar fears and hopes and learn how to navigate through our lives in a balanced way moving forward. This is actually a time of great opportunity where we can commit to learning creative practices to support our personal growth, awareness, and healing and increase our capacity for mindfulness and self-compassion.

When we do the same action repeatedly we solidify a neural pathway in the brain. Challenging yourself to experiencing new and possibly uncomfortable ways to express yourself is also beneficial to your cognitive health and memory. Expressive Wellness exercises will help you to create new neural pathways in a safe and supportive virtual community and create lasting change.

For 5 Sunday evenings, participants will come together and learn and practice creative exercises designed to support personal expression and healing, and provide inspiration for ways that we can live more authentically moving forward.

This series is co-facilitated by Art Therapist, Bodhi Simpson and Music Therapist, Kate Beever. It will be Sunday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm EST so that you can practice your new tool each day for the entire week.

No previous art or music experience necessary. Participants only need to bring required materials for each session and a willingness to practice self-compassion and be vulnerable as we learn something new. Objectives: 1. Participants will explore the importance of creating sacred space and developing consistent daily practices 2. Participants will gain an understanding of how art and music affect the brain 3. Participants will personally explore the benefits of creative expression as a tool for their own healing and growth 4. Participants will reflect with the supportive virtual expressive wellness community on their own experiences with each week’s creative practices 5. Participants will learn through their own experience how to share this process with others

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