FREE Loving Healing Creating Summit February 2-14 2020!

Would you like to learn more about how creativity and healing work together?

I’ve got just the thing to help you learn more about Healing with Creativity. 28 Artists, Healers and Art Therapists working together to bring you amazing content on Healing with Creativity. And I’m one of the presenters!

It’s the Loving-Healing-Creating Summit, and it’s open right now!

Inside you’ll find 28 FREE Courses and loads of FREE gifts from experts ready to give you their secrets and best advice in several important areas, including…

  • Energy Building and balancing exercises to develop the brain’s ability to focus

  • Birthing of Ideas

  • Daily Art Journal Practices

  • Soul Collage®

  • Working with the Right Side of your Brain

  • Lots of Different Art classes, all with different intentions

  • And so much more!!

These are just a small part of what you’ll find inside the Loving-Healing-Creating Summit.

Don’t hesitate on this one… it’s only FREE Feb 2-14 and you don’t want to miss out!

Click here to register!

See you there!


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