Living from Your Center

Why do we do so much for those we love and so often neglect our own feelings and needs? We are often living our lives based on past experiences or in fear and don't realize that this is what is driving our choices and effecting our perceptions. Finding ways to increase our awareness is critical so that we can expand and learn how to evolve, change, and transform consciously.

It is important that we each take conscious responsibility for our own deep internal healing and growth. All that is needed is a willingness to be open to the experience of our stories, a willingness to be honest with ourselves about our truths, and to make conscious choices for ourselves from our place of truth (our center; our hearts) moving forward.

Audrey McMorrow of Vast Horizons Center for Personal Growth and myself have recently returned from a life changing trip to the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico. We have put together our first healing day retreat to begin to teach some of the healing wisdom and practices that we learned during our experiences in Mexico. If you live in Maine or would like to visit our beautiful state and learn some personal growth and healing tools this is the workshop for you!

The Toltec people of Mexico believe that all human beings live in a dream – one that is created individually and collectively to produce our reality. This dream can often become our nightmare, our hell on earth, when we become attached to our rules, beliefs, and hopes. In the Toltec tradition, there is nothing to learn. Transformation and healing is about “unlearning” - letting go of all the stories we have come to believe are true, all the attachments we hold so dear and the judgments we carry within for ourselves and others.

In this Living from Your Center Healing Retreat experience on May 11th in Portland, Maine, using the four elements of change (earth, water, air & fire) we will guide you on a path of healing and transformation to support you in releasing unhealthy attachments, fear, judgment and guilt, and guide you to step more deeply into your center. Join us for a day of storytelling, guided meditation, and expressive arts as we uncover, explore, connect to our center and celebrate our authentic selves.

To register or for more information click here!

This workshop is based on the writings of HeatherAsh Amara in her book, The Toltec Path of Transformation. To learn more about HeatherAsh Amara and her work, click here.

In the whispering of your soul’s longings, who are you being invited to become?

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