The Growing Pains of Expansion and Sharing Your Vision

As you continue to take the time to create and build a relationship with the images and symbols that you have created, you will begin to feel the healing, guidance, and messages. It will feel like your art is communicating to you by the feelings that arise as you view it. You will begin to feel the truth of the message resonate deeply in your heart.

You may decide to put this creation up and look at it each day as a part of your daily practice, allowing the image to continue to help you remember it's message of truth. You realize that there are changes that you need to make in order to honor the awareness that you have about who you are at your core, your perception of the world around you, an awareness of patterns within your relationships, and what your heart desires.

When we create art and take the time to truly connect to it, we are able to rise above the struggles and challenges clouding our view. We have now created a new perspective which leads to a new awareness. We are no longer trapped in the cycle of the problem, we have expanded to a view of the larger picture. From this new awareness we are able to make a conscious choice about how to move forward. New possibilities have appeared that were not able to be seen or maybe even fathomed before.

During the process of expansion, others around you may not understand the subtle changes within you. I have found that there are "growing pains" associated with expansion. You may realize for instance that others around you are viewing the world through a negative or self-defeating lens and that you have a completely different experience of things than they do. Or you may realize that you have always said yes to please others and avoid conflict, but your artwork reminds you that your heart wants to be able to say no when it truly doesn't want to do something.

I wanted to write this blog today to remind you that it's ok if others don't like your changes or understand. Over time they will get to know the new updated version of you or they are welcome to leave the relationship. One of my favorite parts about creating art is that we always have something concrete and tangible to refer to if we feel lost or confused, or if we feel we need to do what others want us to do. We can simply view our image and remember the truth in our own hearts. This gives us the strength and clarity to continue following our own truth and not what others want for us or what society expects of us.

I find that often people are amazed at what they have created and the power of the message for them, but that they are fearful of sharing with others because they are afraid it may not be "good art". I feel that we are now in a time where if you feel called to share your art with others, do it! This may be drawings, paintings, poetry, music, dance, writing, cooking, gardening....anything that inspires you!

When others see and feel us doing what inspires and excites us, they can feel it! It's almost like something wakes up in them and they say, "Wow, I want that kind of experience, I'm missing that from my life". They are more likely to get curious and explore what might bring them true meaning, inspiration, and purpose in their lives. In this way we effect others positively and change the world just by living our own truth!

Also, our images can benefit others! When we view any artwork - even if we haven't created it, the imagery and symbolism speaks to us individually by what arises emotionally for us as we view the image. I encourage you all to share your visions, share your creations, share your higher perspectives. It makes a difference! The world needs us to share our visions to help us step into a new collective vision!!!

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