Awakening Through Art Free Online Masterclass!

Your creative practice is your power!

There is no doubt about it, we’re going through a transformational time on the planet. We’re waking up to our awesome ability to create our reality and a new vision of the planet is emerging.

During times of great transition having a strong and solid creative practice connects you to your intuition and creative power. It can help you navigate the shifts and changes inside of you as your perception of what’s possible expands.

That’s why my friend Alexis Cohen, visionary artist, creativity mentor, and shamanic practitioner has created Awakening Through Art Online Masterclass. It’s a complimentary interview series, starting December 3rd 2018.

It brings together more than 25 artists, healers, teachers and visionaries, including me! We will share our creative wisdom, tools and hand-on-techniques to activate healing, inspire connection and amplify love all around the world.

Whether you’re new to the world of creativity or a seasoned pro, this masterclass is designed to support you as you take your creativity to the next level, use your voice and transform the world!

Reserve your spot here at no cost: Expand Your Awareness<<<Sign Up Here!

Bringing your creative vision to life can be a long process. It can feel scary as you expand beyond your current state of being. Connecting and developing a creative practice, gives you the endurance, patience, and the link to love to make your dream reality and to make a positive impact on the planet.

When you join us for this interview series (via your home computer or mobile device), you can expect to learn how to:

• Connect and heal your relationship with your creative power, so you can finally live from a powerfully creative space.

• Address wounds and old patterns that surface as you step into your power, so you can continue expanding into a new version of yourself as you bring your creative vision to life.

• Creatively contribute to the world during this catalytic time, so you're finally able to live your vision of making the world a better place.

• Incorporate rituals and practices into your daily routine, to strengthen your connection to your power, rhythms, and cycles so you can navigate the transformational process of bringing your vision to life.

• And so much more.

Alexis is the perfect person to host this summit. She has been an artist and healer for decades and has had a creative practice since she could write with a pencil. In fact, her mother (also an artist) would encourage her to create anytime she didn’t feel well and it always did the trick. She learned early on that there is healing magic to creativity that activates and supports transformation.

I can't wait to see you there. Reserve your spot for Awakening Through Art here:

Together, We Can Create Transformation. <<< Gain Access Here

Your creative power is your fuel and nourishment for bringing your vision to life and transforming the world!

In Creative Solidarity,


P.S. Get the support you need to build the endurance and patience to bring your creative vision to life! Join me and over 25 other experts for Awakening Through Art starting December 3rd. Sign up here: Expand your perspective through your creative practice.<<<Sign Up Here!

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