The Importance of Travel

I have lived much of my life in New England. Like many families, my parents did not have the financial ability to take our family on trips out of state. I accepted this reality and convinced myself that I was comfortable living here in Maine. I have never really felt like I fully "fit in" here but I had never known any different.

In the past few years I have been able to give workshops out of state and even internationally. I have also taken classes out of state and as well as out of the country. When I first committed to the travel I found my heart feeling very excited and inspired but also felt a bit restricted in my body. My mind was fearful of the travel and all that could go wrong, my inner critic worked overtime to ensure that I would feel guilty that I have spent money that "should" be used to pay off other debts, or shame for leaving my children for a week at a time.

As I have opened myself up to more traveling experiences I have realized that traveling is so very important. Life feels so expansive. I am able to take in new ways of thinking, I am able to see the beauty of different cultures and different places on the planet. I realize that I am not just a girl from small town Maine, I am an earth citizen. I have been able to come home to Maine after my travels with new perspectives, a new vibration, feeling more connected to myself and to my planet, feeling more love for all earth citizens and less judgement. I realized that when I am feeling blocked or stuck it is important for me to travel to get out of my little world and to see and feel the bigger picture, and to bring this experience back to my home.

A wise teacher once told me, "The greatest gift you could give your children and your clients is the gift of investing in your own consciousness." I have experienced the wisdom in these words first hand. Because of this I have come together with two other therapists to offer "Wisdom Journeys". Our intent is to take people to special places around the world to be able to embody the teachings and wisdom through their own experience. People do not need to be therapists to attend, but if you happen to be a therapist, NBCC contact hours are offered. We are proud to announce our first Wisdom Journey....

The Myth of the Labyrinth: A Wisdom Journey to Ancient Crete, Greece May 26 - May 30, 2019

For more information click here, call Lois Leblanc at #(207) 925-1206

or email

A unique and affordable opportunity to combine self-care, self-exploration, travel, and training!

Please join us on the beautiful island of Crete, Greece for an evocative and playful 5 day exploration based on the Myth of the Labyrinth. We will explore the various ways that this myth connects to different parts within ourselves and discover through our own personal experience ways to work with this metaphor with our clients in clinical practice. The Labyrinth has long been a symbol of change and transformation. It is an archetypal journey of the Self toward wholeness and is well represented in antiquity while maintaining its mystery and relevance in modern times. During this experiential workshop series we will we will visit the most famous labyrinth in Greek Mythology. The labyrinth serves as an archetypal symbol of the journey of consciousness and as integration of various part of ourselves, bringing us closer to the “Self” as eternal. We will be engaging in discussion, active imagination, writing, guided visualization, and art to explore this powerful archetype.

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