Healing Retreats

Conscious Art Therapy

I am happy to present a creative experience at your healing retreat. You may email me about a selection from the workshops listed or I am happy to creatively tailor an experience to match the theme of your healing retreat.



Business Retreats

I work with businesses and organizations to provide staff development workshops and staff retreats full of creative activities to enhance self-awareness, team building, and connection. I am also able to creatively tailor workshops to your specific theme/topic. I will work to develop creative yet relevant projects that meet your retreat goals; from educational trainings on burnout and self-care to insightful team building events, or just a few hours of playful fun and relaxation.


Benefits of creative arts business retreats:

  • Improve communication skills

  • Enhance and inspire creative thinking

  • Boost teamwork and company morale

  • ​Individuals learn new things about themselves and each other

  • Reflect on common goals

  • Improve interpersonal understanding in a manner that will impact workplace productivity

  • Increase connection and team cohesion

  • Support the self-care and emotional wellness of your employees 

  • Get away from intensity of work to relax and “retreat” into yourself

Events available from 1.5 hours to full day experiences.

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