Wisdom of the Heart Deck

Affirmations to connect the Heart & Mind


This whimsical and easy to use deck will help you to learn how to connect to the wisdom of your heart. While working with these cards you will be able to deepen your daily self-love practice as you feel the message of each card in your heart and become gently aware of any resistance to the message. This deck was created so that it can be used for yourself, with your family, and if you are a professional, with clients of all ages!


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Check out this video conversation between Bodhi of Conscious Art Therapy & Eva of Dancing Jaguar Inspirations as they explain their intent for creating the Wisdom of the Heart Deck and a few ideas of how to work with this tool for yourself, with your family and your clients.


Available for Pre-Sale Through September 30th, 2020

Decks will be shipped 4-6 weeks after the Pre-Sale end date

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