About Art Therapy


Art therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy that incorporates creative expression into the therapeutic process. It is more often about connecting with the raw feelings and thoughts that arise during the creative process than the final product. Art therapy involves the creation of art and the discovery of its meaning to you personally. While processing your imagery, unconscious material rises to the surface and words come more easily into the mind.  Creating and processing your art with the guidance and support of an art therapist allows you the capacity for profound insight, expanded vision, epiphany and revelation. 


Expressing yourself through creativity allows you to move into a "witness perspective" where you are able to rise above your challenges and gain an improved understanding of your true feelings as well as patterns and beliefs that negatively impact your actions and choices. Through the creative process you can learn how to develop wellness from within, realize your fullest potential, and create the life that you have always imagined. 

Research in neuroscience shows that the structure and function of the human brain can be changed by thoughts and images cultivated in the mind. Images viewed in the mind’s eye have amazing lasting effects on the brain. Using creative expression to sustain focus on chosen images improves mental functioning and also facilitates physical healing.











"Everything you can imagine is real".
                                    -Pablo Picasso