Conscious Art Therapy - Bodhi Simpson

I am an Art Therapist with a private practice in Waterville, Maine.  I believe that it is important to become aware of our emotions and our thoughts so that we can learn to take personal responsibility for our reactions and choices in a conscious way. Creative expression in combination with talk therapy assists us in becoming aware of how we feel and what we are thinking. Our artistic expression becomes a mirror so that we can "see" the energy that is creating our lives. With our expanded awareness, we are able to find more mental and emotional balance, and we are able to open ourselves to new possibilities and heightened fulfillment.




I work with individuals of all ages to teach tools and techniques that increase personal awareness and encourage full expression. I am trained in many areas which allows me to work with individuals to help them discover the method of expression that feels most comfortable. Individuals learn how to listen with loving kindness and self-acceptance to the wisdom of their own hearts so that they are able to lead more vibrant, inspired, authentic lives. As we learn how to bring our hearts and minds into harmony,  we learn to become our own healers.

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it".
                                                                                                              - Albert Einstein